Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom Shipping Boxes

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    Millions of tons of cardboard boxes, including shipping boxes, are produced each year by the packaging sector. These containers, also known as corrugated boxes, are adaptable and affordable, making them a go-to packaging option for most companies. Additionally, there are various types of shipping boxes.

    • Tuck-top boxes: A flap covers the top of this kind of box and extends to the side, allowing it to be tucked in to close and secure it. Mailer boxes are the finest illustration. Some people refer to these shipping crates as cardboard boxes. Instead of corrugated material, it prefers to use cardboard.
    • Regular slotted container boxes: Regular slotted container boxes have flaps that connect in the center to close at the top and bottom. It is sometimes referred to as a corrugated box because it is the typical material used to construct solid, lasting packaging. Double-corrugated material is used in shipping boxes designed for delicate goods to increase protection.
    • Custom boxes: Shipping boxes have the advantage of being completely customizable. All additional box types are categorized in this category. However, this is not limited to corrugated boxes. In addition to corrugated cardboard, you can utilize various materials. Kraft paper and even wood are available. These can also be used to make unique shipping boxes for packages.


    The Pro Packaging provides you with a great selection of cardboard boxes to meet any packaging, shipping, or storage needs you may have. We offer high-quality single wall cardboard boxes, robust double wall cardboard boxes, and die cut boxes in a range of sizes and designs. Additionally, we offer packaging with personalized printing and bespoke sized boxes.

    Designed and constructed from strong, quality double wall cardboard to resist the demands of shipping and transportation, our large boxes are ideal for use as shipping boxes. Export boxes must be durable enough to provide the necessary protection during lengthy travels. For secure product delivery, our customers choose double wall boxes when they need solid, long-lasting cardboard packaging for their business.

    Dimensions of shipping boxes

    Although custom printed shipping boxes can be made in any size and shape, you still need to take into account the specifications established by shipping firms. You may incur extra shipping costs if you don’t comply with these standards. Consider the various box dimensions you can employ after determining the strength of the box.

    • Cube boxes

    These boxes have the same measurement on all the sides and are square in shape.

    • Long Boxes

    These boxes are longer at the horizontal axis.  Their width is greater than height.

    • Multi-depth boxes

    These are flexible shipping boxes. It enables you to modify the box’s height. Both the breadth and length remain constant.

    • Tall boxes

    Tall boxes are shipping boxes that must be maintained vertically. In comparison to the length and width, the height is larger in size.

    • Side-loading boxes

    Shipping containers that have a side opening rather than a top opening are called side-loading boxes. The box appears to be resting on its side as a result of this.

    • Telescope boxes

    Shipping containers known as telescope boxes include a distinct top and bottom section. Because of this, the box can be modified to fit the length of the object being transported.

    Advantages of buying from Pro Packaging

    • Custom Printed Boxes

    There are more considerations than only price when selecting a printing choice. While some previous strategies are still tried-and-true and efficient, technology has advanced with time, creating entirely fresh approaches to market penetration. The Pro Packaging offers the following printing options:

    • High-speed digital printing

    While other businesses may claim that digital isn’t cost-effective when processing large orders, they fail to mention that with digital, you may run a range of designs without having to buy new printing plates or wait for them to be manufactured. Imagine being able to create seasonal or product variant sizes, regional messaging, designs for various stores, and more without incurring additional costs.

    • Lithography printing

    The most popular option for commercial printing requirements is lithographic printing. Additionally, it works well if you are producing a single design to print repeatedly with little customization. If you select Litho, you must commit to waiting and spending money before you ever receive your first package. This is the best option if you need a big volume manufacturing run of a single design.

    • Flexography printing

    Your printing expenses will be reduced by using flexographic printing, and tooling expenses are often lower. It has a quick turnaround time and works with both oil- and water-based inks.

    • Wholesale packaging with multiple packages

    It is more cost-effective to ship packages in bulk than separately. You can fit numerous things in shipping boxes, which is a benefit. They can be stacked together to prevent movement. Just be sure the boxes within won’t move or collide with one another. To prevent boxes from colliding, fill the interior with fillers.

    Our packaging company gives its customers better prices on wholesale orders, so they can buy a lot of shipping boxes for their company. You can save money by using a shipping box instead of other methods. They can be purchased in bulk, which lowers the price per piece.

    • Create your brand identity

    You can simply print brand features on shipping boxes because the material used to make them is adaptable, helping customers recognize your brand. Print the name and logo of your company there. If you have a certain design in mind, you can print parts of it on the surface of the box. People will be aware that your stuff is inside the box if you do this. The Pro Packaging offers complete customization as per the customer’s order requirements. We also provide finishing coats to enhance the appeal of your shipping boxes.

    • We make eco-friendly boxes

    Because they are constructed of paper from a renewable source, corrugated shipping boxes are environmentally beneficial. We at The Pro Packaging act responsibly towards the environment, and hence we use eco-friendly materials and inks. The same goes for packaging tape and labels.

    Embrace the perfect packaging solutions with us!

    Our retail packaging company works to customize corrugated solutions that will safeguard and advertise the goods of our worthy customers. You become a member of the family when you work with us. Every step of the way, we’ll work with you as a team. From basic brown shipping boxes to elegant, high-graphic printed point-of-purchase displays, and everything in between, we have it all!



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