Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

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    Are you looking for unique and creative packaging solutions for your restaurant? Look no further than The Pro Packaging! We offer custom Chinese takeout boxes designed to make your business stand out.

    Our experienced graphic designers can help you create a one-of-a-kind design with add-ons such as spot UV, embossing, hot stamping, window patching, and debossing. With these options, you can customize your takeout boxes in various combinations to give them an extra touch of elegance and sophistication. So what are you waiting for? Connect with us, and let us show you how we can help make your restaurant shine!

    What Are Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes?

    Custom Chinese takeout boxes are a great way to provide an efficient and attractive packaging solution for restaurants. These boxes, which come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials, are designed to perfectly accommodate various items like dim sum, egg rolls, dumplings, noodles, and other culinary delights.

    With The Pro Packaging’s Chinese takeout boxes, you can add a unique and customized touch to your restaurant. Our design team will work in tandem with you to create a tailored box to meet your needs while still providing an attractive presentation that customers will love.

    Benefits Of Customizing Chinese Takeout Boxes

    There are many benefits of customizing Chinese takeout boxes, such as the following:

    They Help You With Brand Awareness

    Custom Chinese takeout boxes can help to promote your brand and create a more memorable experience for your customers. Using custom printed logos, artwork, or messages, you can ensure that your restaurant stands out from the competition.

    They Are Cost-Effective

    The Pro Packaging’s custom food boxes, such as the Chinese takeout boxes, are extremely cost-effective, as they are not made from plastic or metal like traditional packaging solutions. This means that you can save money while still providing a high-quality product to your customers.

    They Are Eco-Friendly

    Custom Chinese takeout boxes are an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice for your restaurant. They are made using recyclable materials, which can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

    If you are interested in custom printed boxes, please contact The Pro Packaging today and learn what we can do for your restaurant’s packaging needs. We look forward to working with you!

    Add-Ons For Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

    The Pro Packaging offers the following add-ons for its food packaging boxes, including Chinese Takeout Boxes:

    • Spot UV
    • Embossing
    • Hot Stamping
    • Window Patching
    • Debossing

    Spot UV

    For this add-on, ultra-violet curing ink is used to create a glossy finish on certain parts of the wholesale food boxes. This process can be used to highlight logos, artwork, or any other desired design elements.


    Embossing is another popular add-on that can be used to create a textured, raised effect on your logo boxes. This process is ideal for making logos, artwork, or other design elements stand out from the box.

    Hot Stamping

    Hot stamping is a method of foil printing that can be used to add a metallic finish to retail packaging. This technique often gives the box’s design an extra touch of elegance.

    Window Patching

    This technique involves attaching a clear window to the retail boxes, which can be used to showcase food items or other products inside the box.


    Finally, debossing is another popular add-on that utilizes an engraved die to create a recessed effect on the surface of the custom boxes. This technique often adds an extra dimension to logos or artwork.

    The Pro Packaging is proud to offer these add-ons for its Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes, and our team of experienced graphic designers can help you create a custom design that will leave your customers impressed. Contact us today to get started!

    Trying Different Combinations Of Add-Ons

    At The Pro Packaging, we understand that every restaurant has unique style and packaging requirements. That’s why our team of experienced graphic designers is here to help you create the perfect food boxes for your business.

    We offer a variety of add-ons that can be combined in different ways, allowing you to customize your Chinese takeout boxes in order to stand out from the competition.

    Some of the combinations using the add-ons mentioned above are discussed below:

    Combination 1: Spot UV + Embossing

    This combination is great for highlighting logos or artwork while also adding texture to the design.

    Combination 2: Hot Stamping + Window Patching

    This combination is ideal if you want to showcase your food items and simultaneously add a touch of elegance to the box.

    Combination 3: Debossing + Hot Stamping

    This combination can help to add depth and dimension to your design while also giving it a luxurious metallic finish.

    No matter what style you are looking for, The Pro Packaging has the perfect combination of add-ons to make your takeout boxes stand out. Contact us today, and let us help you create the perfect design for your business.

    Ready To Order Custom Chinese Takeaway Boxes?

    If you are ready to order custom Chinese takeaway boxes, The Pro Packaging is here to help. Our team of packaging experts will work with you to create a unique design that will make your restaurant stand out from the competition. Give us a call today to get started!


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