Custom Myler Bags

Custom Myler Bags

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    Aluminum is vaporized in a vacuum chamber to make PET, which is then adhered to a polyester sheet to create Mylar. Then, a specific machine stretches PET biaxially in one direction and then in the transverse direction while it is mounted on a roller. The smooth BoPET film is created by keeping the film under tension at a temperature of over 200 degrees.

    This material has several uses, both in the home and in business, including the ability to store food for emergencies. Mylar is strong yet flexible, which makes it ideal for use in packaging. The same qualities also make it a great material for electrical insulation and solar technologies.

    Mylar bag films have an extraordinarily low oxygen transmission rate (OTR) because of their thick foil lamination layer. providing three levels of protection from odor, moisture, and light. Mylar bags are used in numerous ways, which include:

    • Dry Food storage
    • Preserving photographs
    • Protection of photographs
    • Storing shoes and garments
    • Storing books, postcards, magazines
    • Storing herbs and spices for sometime
    • Packaging of tea, coffee
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Firearm storage

    The Pro Packaging provides custom-printed Mylar bags, so you may add your brand and design to set your company apart from rivals in this fiercely competitive industry. Our custom mylar packaging protects your items, keeps them fresh, and is child-resistant for the utmost in safety. These custom mylar pouches are assisting brand owners in expanding their companies thanks to their attractive finishes, barrier qualities, and cost savings for new firms. We provide business owners with a variety of choices that encourage them to buy from us. 

    Let your product speak for yourself

    How you display your product on the shelves of retail stores or on your website says a lot about your business. It plays a significant role in selling packaged products to customers. Your bags will definitely make their way to the customers owing to The Pro Packaging’s cutting-edge digital printing capabilities and packaging finish options. Your company may project a fun yet trustworthy air thanks to high-definition graphics, vivid colors, and a luxurious style.

    Ensure the freshness of your products

    You’ve taken care to create original, organic, and innovative products. You might even be dedicated to using only natural, organic ingredients and forgoing artificial preservatives. High barrier films from our company help you keep moisture and air out while preserving the natural taste and aura. Customers may continue to enjoy our items after they’ve been opened thanks to our resealable choices.

    Grow your business with us

    Are you a beginner? You can produce small first runs and not spend a fortune to look professional with custom mylar packaging from our packaging company. Or perhaps you’ve already established a presence in the market but want to quickly adapt the packaging design to reflect changing consumer preferences. Our digital printing method has the advantages of shorter runs, quicker delivery, and no setup expenses, so you can place orders when you need them.

    Custom Mylar Bag features

    Tear notches, degassing valves, press-seal zippers, pierced handles, and euroslots are all acceptable additions. A variety of print and surface finishes are also available from us. We combine our knowledge of environmentally friendly products, recyclable foils, impermeable multilayer laminates with high barriers, and unique dispensing techniques.

    Give an appealing look to your Mylar Bags

    In addition to the choice of materials, design has a significant impact on a product’s success or failure. As a result, we have created a list of some of the top designers that we and our customers have previously worked with so that you can contact them directly. Once the design is complete, we will provide a proof to you for approval prior to starting production. 

    Choose from one of the many designs we offer, or come up with your own, and together we will ace the market. On the pouches, you can also print your logo, additional product details, and safety instructions. Make the color schemes specific to the needs of your product. If your product has something for kids, we can print cartoons or animated pictures for your little customers.


    Our 100 percent recyclable CR zippers and green film constructions provide companies looking to go green with their product packaging with a useful choice. We produce custom laminates, including recyclable and compostable films, to meet your demands. You’ve discovered the ideal partner if you’re dedicated to lessening your carbon footprint’s negative environmental impact. Pro Packaging is your partner in sustainable packaging thanks to our selection of eco-friendly choices.

    Tear Notches

    To prevent your customers from becoming frustrated trying to open difficult-to-open bags, We offers you the option to add tear notches to your packaging. Mylar bags with a tear notch drastically minimize the quantity of air that enters the bag, keeping the food or pharmaceutical product fresher for longer and minimizing the onset of hazardous consequences like food poisoning.

    Wholesale Mylar Bags with Heat Resistance

    We at Pro Packaging work hard to give you the best mylar bags on the market. The ‘thermal seal’ function is one of our bags’ essential characteristics. Domestically and industrially, this is possible. Once your product of choice is inside the bag, you can heat seal it shut using a household iron or other heat sealing equipment. This strengthens the smell barrier and maintains the quality of your goods. Additionally, you can get discounts on larger purchases and quick, discreet, and effective delivery to your home or place of business. Our team will get in touch with you via email once production is finished.

    Sizes and hang holes

    Some clients prefer single-size sachets for on-the-go use. Others desire a full month’s supply of the item. To meet the needs of your customers, a variety of sizes are offered by our packaging company for their bespoke mylar pouches. Additionally, place your packaging on retail shelves using our round or sombrero hang holes if selling through stores or dispensaries constitutes a sizable portion of your retail channel strategy.

    Contact us today!

    You may create a statement right from the physical shop shelves or the virtual shelves of your online business by using eye-catching product images, artistic designs, or even transparent or cloudy glass. We’ll carefully record all of your specifications and guarantee that we’ll fulfill your desired level of packaging. So get in touch with us today to order your custom mylar bags!



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