Custom Serum Boxes

Custom Serum Boxes

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    What is a serum? How is it different from moisturizers? We have your answer. Serums are made to deliver concentrated forms of a few key active ingredients to the skin. These ingredients are beneficial because they have small molecules that penetrate directly into the skin. Nowadays, there are different types of serums available worldwide to cater to the skin and hair needs. 

    Serum packaging must not only be stunning but also provide safety for the frequently fragile glass container within. It can be affected by environmental factors and temperatures; hence, it requires sturdy packaging. The Pro Packaging provides an excellent solution for your packaging concerns, regardless of size or shape. A brilliant, lavish package communicates quality and suggests a refined recipe. To design distinctive packaging, you can experiment with a variety of materials and finishes and add inserts to the serum box to hold the bottle in place.

    Our custom serum packaging boxes come with a number of advantages. Some of these advantages are listed below:

    Custom serum packaging wholesale

    Market trends are shifting daily, and because of this, many cosmetic brands are free to think outside the box and adopt cutting-edge strategies to draw in clients. You can customize your order according to its size. We offer discounts and free samples for wholesale purchases. Once the criteria are agreed upon, we offer box templates and 3D mockups. The mockup and template closely match your packaging for better client comprehension and approval. 

    Printing techniques

    Serum cartons with custom printing can be made using a variety of attractive methods. You can choose from our holographic or textural stock boxes to give your package a professional look. A brand’s logo must be engraved in the customer’s mind. Product quality is important, without a doubt, but retaining customers requires creative packaging. We’ll provide you with a wide range of choices by incorporating a vibrant theme and original design. To get clients to explore the goods, our designers will share innovative box printing ideas.

    For the boxes containing your serum, we print both digitally and offset. Our Company is aware of the value of enticing, vibrant, and luminous retail packaging when it comes to box coating. Due to the support of silver and gold foiling, we do provide matte, glossy, and spot UV finishing. Your product packaging will look more appealing if you choose one of these options.

    Bring versatility to your product

    Our custom serum boxes will make their way on the store shelves. Even though it can seem simpler to mimic what others are doing, doing so will merely add your product to the available options. Your serum packaging needs to have a distinct personality in order to stand out as the obvious choice. Play around with the graphics, embellishments, and colors to express the worth of your product and its unique qualities. We collaborate with the finest designers, printers, and craftspeople. You can ask for their professional opinion, but ultimately, we allow you complete freedom to design a box exactly how you want. To develop a container that symbolizes you and draws clients in right away, you can choose the materials, colors, display content, and layouts. We can advise you on the practical side of things, such as which materials are better suited to maintain your serums for long periods of time and enhance their predicted shelf-life, with the help of our knowledgeable and courteous personnel. 

    Affordable prices

    It may seem tough to find custom serum packaging boxes with professional labels at affordable prices, but The Pro Packaging makes the process simple. We provide brands with serum boxes with profitable finishing in cost-effective packaging. As a result, you can save a lot more money than you might imagine. You can purchase boxes of the highest quality for a fair price. Compared to the pricing on the market right now, our prices are lower, but our quality is far better.

    Custom printed logos

    People are accustomed to finding pertinent information on both the packaging box and the labels because the ingredients and the copy are more significant than for other beauty items. In some cases, the box will even contain a small piece of paper with instructions. By incorporating labels into the branding process, you increase your content space and provide your customers with an additional sense of security. The main focus should be on the preferences of your intended customers and design your shelf presence around these elements. 

    Sustainable green packaging

    Environmental packaging must take financial factors into account. In comparison to traditional oil-based/single-use packaging options, it must be reasonably priced. Hence, we innovate to meet our clients’ needs for sustainability and to outperform the competition. We want to help all our stakeholders, including our clients, our team members, our investors, and our communities, realize the promise of a sustainable future through these and numerous other initiatives. 

    Kraft paper, a porous brown paper with good tear resistance, is one of the greenest packaging materials used to make custom printed boxes. If your company is environmentally aware, you can rest easy knowing that the kraft bespoke boxes we provide are extremely eco-friendly and have little effect on the environment. When compared to other stock options, this one requires substantially less energy and resources to produce because it just goes through a small number of operations.

    Professional Support

    We are very approachable, and our staff is available around the clock to answer any questions. Before placing an order, don’t be afraid to go over even the smallest details. In order to gain higher protection for your serum bottles and provide your clients with total peace of mind regarding damages, leaks, and other catastrophes, our experienced material experts assist you in choosing the suitable material thickness from 14 pt to 22 pt, enabling them to open their suitcase to discover a fully intact serum vial with no signs of leakage.

    Why us?

    The Pro Packaging deals in wholesale pre-built boxes, custom product boxes, and custom packaging services. We provide custom, high-quality boxes with digital and off-set printing capabilities. Therefore, we will prove to be your best partner for bespoke serum packaging solutions because of our special service characteristics. Prior to shipping, every box is examined, proofread, and made error-free. Your boxes will be delivered right to your door following final approval. Contact us and order your serum boxes now!


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